Day 1 - 3 May

Theatre 1

 Launch of ALT-report

10.15 - 11.00  The four enablers for creating a digital NHS. Where the Click do you start? 
Claire Cater, Founder, The Social Kinetic 
Gareth Thomas, CCIO, Salford Royal Foundation Trust

A must have read for leaders in the TEC space. This is about the human journey of change and the four enablers to deliver of the TEC agenda.

Contributors include: Rachel Dunscombe, Digital Director Salford Royal Group, Harpreet Sood, Associate CCIO, NHS England, Keith McNeil, NHS CCIO, Indra Joshi, Clinical lead for Digital on Urgent and Emergency Care, NHS England, Nick Booth, Chief Informatics Officer and Senior Health Informatics Adviser – Connected Cities to name but a few.

It features learning from the likes of Global Digital Exemplar Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, The Salford Group and Unity Health – a group of GP practices which have gone digital first – reduced DNAs to 2% and found enough time to offer 500 of their complex patients 20 minute appointments.

This is an alternative to the thought leadership we have grown used to.  You will be invited to engage, share your opinions and sign up for the workbook, which will follow.

This is not a one off. Expect versions 2.0 and 3.0.

The Alt – Report is the follow on to the research, which started with the TEC community and HIMSS UK last year. It became clear that there was a need to understand the challenges TEC leaders face in more detail and what needed to happen in order to deliver the potential.

NHS England

11.00 – 12.30
  Building a better digital experience for patients and the public
In this session we’ll explore the work that is being done to create digital services that can help people take control of their own health and care and help patients and clinicians collaborate more effectively.

The session will be hosted by Juliet Bauer, Director of Digital Experience at NHS England who will introduce a range of guest speakers to explore various aspects of this theme.
Introduction from the session chair
Juliet Bauer, Director of Digital Experience, NHS England

What needs to be done to help those with low digital literacy levels benefit from online services and apps?

Bea Karol-Birks, Director of Design and Innovation, Good Things Foundation

Can technology really help patients to make healthier life-style decisions?

Tara Donnelly, Chief Executive, Health Innovation Network

What services is NHS.UK developing to help the public take control of their own health and care?

Alan Morgans, NHS.UK Programme Director, NHS England

How can apps and wearables help patients and clinicians work even more collaboratively and improve health outcomes?

Victoria Betton, Director, mhabitat

13.30 – 15.00
  What is ‘digital maturity’ and what does ‘good’ look like?

One of the key recommendations of the Wachter Review was to establish an Exemplar programme to lead the drive towards digital maturity in provider organisations. In this session we’ll find out what stage implementation of this recommendation has reached, describe exactly what a ‘Global Digital Exemplar’ is and understand how they form just one part of a work being undertaken to ensure providers get the most out of information and technology for better patient care.

Introduction from the session chair
Paul Rice, Head of Technology Strategy, NHS England

How are Vanguards using technology to change care delivery?
Charles Gutteridge, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Barts Health NHS Trust
Claire Hogg, Director of Mile End Hospital & Community Health Services, Barts Health NHS Trust

What difference is digital transformation making for staff and patients in Merseyside?
Kate Warriner, Healthy Liverpool Digital Lead and Royal Liverpool Global Digital Exemplar Programme Director

The digital journey of a Mental Health Trust
Stephen Docherty, Chief Information Officer, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust