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For over 15 years, AGX has supplied the UK Government sector with specialist IT equipment and software. Whilst focusing on the supply and maintenance of complete systems and bespoke solutions, we provide an all-in-one service to our customer base. From providing custom-built forensic solutions for the Police to producing design workstations for the MOD, AGX encompass a total solution support ethos. Also by being manufacturer repair agents for many non UK based organisations, we can aim to directly and fully support everything we sell.

Their exhibition stand will be showcasing

Garner are the industry leader in data elimination products. They design, manufacture, and sell equipment that delivers complete, permanent, and verifiable data elimination.  Their products ensure your data is unrecoverable.  They serve both government and business customers from every industry sector in countries around the world, providing time-tested solutions for permanent data security of various media types.

NHS facilities go to great lengths to protect their data from network intrusions, hacking, viruses, and theft. However, many fail to protect against the disastrous consequences of data security breaches from stored, stockpiled, donated, resold, discarded, and recycled magnetic and solid-state media that they thought was deleted or erased.

The NHS has been fined a number of times by data regulators over the loss of sensitive information. Regulators said the NHS failed to check that a data destruction company had properly disposed of the records.  The maximum fine that the Information Commissioner's office can impose for Data Protection Act breaches is currently £500,000.

Attendees of HIMSS UK e-Health Week can also hear our AGX / Garner presentation on the unplugged stage May 3 at 10.20 .  We will be discussing  “The  Consequences Of  Data Security Breaches And Garner Erasure Solutions.”

Products on Display

HD-2 Hard Drive & Tape degausser (currently in use within the NHS)
For those who need to permanently erase data from hard drive or tapes, but don’t need a high-volume degausser, the HD-2 offers the perfect solution. The compact HD-2 is ideal in office settings for erasing laptop, desktop, and network high-coercivity (magnetic) drives up to 1.5 inches high, as well as the full range of tape cartridge media—with no adapters needed. It’s also very easy to use and only takes 60 seconds to eliminate data.


PD-5 hard drive destroyer
The high-speed, high-powered PD-5 is the fastest and lightest NSA/CSS EPL-listed hard drive destroyer on the market. The PD-5 meets evolving technology challenges by increasing the speed, amplifying the crushing power, and offering an optional SSD-1 solid-state destroyer that both perforates and waffles solid-state media, flash drives, USB thumb drives,  and SSHD controller boards.

They are targeting

CMIO (Chief Medical Information Officer)
Other Clinical Leadership

Why should NHS Staff visit their stand?

To discuss secure data erasure, the Information Commissioner's office Data Protection Act and the consequences of ignoring this.  For product demonstrations and to learn more about the Garner product range in use within the NHS.

Partners they are working with

Various NHS Hospitals
Agfa Healthcare
GE Healthcare

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