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Aculab provides deployment proven enabling technology for any telecoms related application. Our technologies include development APIs for voice, data, fax and SMS, on hardware, software and cloud-based platforms.

Their exhibition stand will be showcasing

As a telehealth application, through Aculab Cloud, VoiScan delivers an automatic, clinical speech analysis system, enabling researchers, clinicians, and speech & language therapists, to objectively measure patients’ vocal health with a remotely captured, over the telephone analysis of their voice and speech characteristics and parameters. Try the demo.

They are targeting

Specialist clinicians
Speech and language therapists
Medical researchers
Other voice professionals
Third party application developers
Pharmaceutical companies

Why should NHS Staff visit their stand?

The alternatives for monitoring voice and speech characteristics are costly, statically located, and measure only a subset of the parameters available from VoiScan, which is accessible to anyone with a phone and from any location, worldwide. VoiScan enables a patient’s detail, vocal health history to be gathered between visits to the clinic and provides a number of use case benefits to patients themselves, and to medical researchers, pharma trials, specialist clinicians, and speech & language therapists.

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Contact Details

Bramley Road
Milton Keynes

Telephone:  0044 (0)1908 273 811


Twitter:  @aculab

LinkedIn: aculab