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Stand No A21


IHE-UK is working with NHS Digital (NHD D) on their initiative to bring together all the “players” under one umbrella the Interopen banner.

The current emphasis for both INTEROPen and NHS D is the design of FHIR resources which will underpin an open API initiative. For INTEROPen this is brought together as CareConnect and for NHS D GPConnect.

IHE will be sharing the ongoing developments which support both of these projects by sharing the FHIR developments already in place.

XDS on FHIR            - MHD      Document management and retrieval
PIX on FHIR             - PIXm      Patient Cross referencing
PDQ on FHIR           - PDQm    Patient identification
ACM on FHIR          - mACM     Alerts (both device and system generated)
DCP  on FHIR          - DCP        Shared Care Dynamic Care Plans
QED on FHIR           - PDLS      FHIR based granular access to data
XDS-I Mobile            - MHD-I     Restful approaches and FHIR for Radiology

We will be showing how IHE can support complex patient use cases.