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eBECS is a specialist in total Microsoft Business Solutions, designing and delivering Lean and agile solutions for customers in Health and Local Government.

Their exhibition stand will be showcasing

eBECS “Patient Centric Solutions” is a suite of solutions to meet these strategic areas of change, whether non invasive patient monitoring, care co-ordination across partnering health organisations, at home patient care, Business Intelligence and analytics for better diagnostics or anywhere access citizen and patient education through to Social Insight monitoring and marketing.

The Challenge

Providing healthcare is becoming ever more complex against a background of an aging, increasingly unhealthly population, diversity of languages and a wider range of services/treatments offered, the NHS has never been under more pressure to change. Traditionally the delivery of health has been siloed between Primary, acute and community care however the impetus now is for New Care Models.

The New Care Models cover a number of initiatives to either offer co-ordincated and joined up care across all providers and partners, create a patient centric self service model and shift service provision across all providers and locations especially in the community/hone.
The key prohibitors to achieving new care models are equally polictical and technical. The legacy systems across health providers do not easily integrate together or securely allow data sharing and healthcare in the community has not invested in technology to allow patients to be monitored at home.

Patient Centric Solutions puts the Patient at the focus of healthcare provision with a number of packaged services covering the following:

•    Improving the Patient Journey
•    Interoperability  - Care Coordination.
•    Extending the Electronic Patient Record
•    Proactive Engagement

This suite is under pinned by a single standardised core platform either Cloud or locally hosted and can be consumed either individually or as a complete solution. Each component delivers value to patient and health providers alike by both reducing time to care, recovery and improved productivity.

Patient Centric Solutions plays a valuable role in the Digital Transformation journey ensuring health providers can deliver co-ordinated patient care, patients become more self reliant, preventative information can be delivered proactively via any platform, health provision can be moved to the community/home where appropriate and investment in strategic solutions such as EPR is maximised.


Patient Centric Solution Suite provides a single platform to create a building block solutions for interaction both with partner healthcare providers and patients. It addresses the interaction and data sharing concerns with existing platforms, allows safe and secure engagement with patients no matter of location, Prevention messages and education can easily be delivered via all electronic forms including Social Media, mail, Skype or internet and health provision/recovery can be delivered at the most appropriate location, whether community, hospital or home with a single view of the patient.  

Patient Centric Solution Suite fits into the New Care Model plan providing the following benefits:-

  1. Improving the patient experience whilst allowing productivity gains across all service providers by creating a single point of interaction and patient flow through all touch points in local health provision through an open standard Microsoft platform.
  2. Care delivery can be “channel shifted” to community/home freeing up the blocking and beds in Acute trusts
  3. Reduces recovery time post treatment by providing the platform for the patient to recover in the most appropriate environment, generally at home if possible
  4. Organisations can start the journey of transformation with one solution and then build on this over time without the need for long or complicated integration issues, it is one underlying platform to deliver all services from.
  5. Patients are at the heart of all interactions and become more self reliant on both prevention and appointment scheduling
  6. Fewer appointments will be missed ensuring maximum productivity for health providers

Patient Centric Solution Suite is a Microsoft based solution specifically developed by eBECS for Health providers to deliver New Care Models using collaborative assessment, connectivity to all partner organisation, patient tracking, coordinated care and health issues prevention.

Please contact eBECS for a Free Strategic Workshop to explore how Patient Centric Solutions Suite can form the core of your Digital Transformation Roadmap and enable your STP.

Please contact if you would like to know more.

They are targeting

All areas of Health Delivery in terms of personal then. CCIO, CMO, CIO CDO, Digital Transformation Leads, STP Programme Leads, Care Lead,

Why should NHS Staff visit their stand?

NHS Leaders will learn how to implement a strategy of care coordination quickly and without long term integration. There will be the opportunity to see a demo on Care-Coordination platform in action. eBECS will also be giving the opportunity for 10 organisations to “Win” an Azure Connected wearable device as part of a patient monitoring project.

Partners they are working with

Microsoft and DXC.

Contact Details

Enterprise House
The Bridge Business Centre, Beresford Way
Chesterfield, Derbyshire S41 9FG
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0) 8455 441 441


Twitter:  @ebecsglobal

LinkedIn: ebecs