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EMIS Health enables patient-specific prescribing with OptimiseRx™ through Hearst Health International partnership

Hearst Health International, a leader in providing care guidance solutions, today announces the partnership launch of the FDB OptimiseRx solution with EMIS Web.

OptimiseRx is the most advanced patient-specific prescribing decision support solution for primary care, and it is used nationwide in 47 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Unlike other prescribing solutions, OptimiseRx puts patient information at the centre of the prescribers’ decision making. OptimiseRx uniquely applies complex data algorithms to the EMIS Web patient record to present prescribers with clinical guidance around alternative drug suggestions to support decision making at the point of care.

Early adopters of OptimiseRx with EMIS Web, such as NHS Liverpool CCG, have been working with Hearst Health International to shape the way in which the solution interacts with their electronic patient record system. The solution delivers contextual best practice and, where appropriate, cost saving guidance in a way that is intuitive to prescribers. OptimiseRx can combine local formularies with national evidence resulting in a solution that can help healthcare organisations implement local prescribing strategies at the point of care.

Dr Andrew Jones, Medical Director of Hearst Health International said: “We are immensely proud to be releasing OptimiseRx to EMIS Web customers. OptimiseRx is supporting 2.8 million patient consultations per month and this number is rising every month. OptimiseRx is giving GPs, Medicines Management and CCGs an opportunity to implement ‘true’ medicines optimisation, by looking away from a cost-centric agenda and towards more clinically appropriate prescribing in line with the evidence base, and what is best for the patient.”

Peter Johnstone, Medicines Management, NHS Liverpool CCG said: “Being an early adopter of OptimiseRx with EMIS Web has given us an opportunity to shape OptimiseRx into what we believe is now the most advanced point of care prescribing decision support tool available. Our experience of working with the Hearst Health International team has been great – the team really understand what genuine medicines optimisation can mean to the NHS and how to implement a prescribing decision support tool to deliver maximum clinical benefit to our CCG”.

OptimiseRx is available to CCGs with EMIS Web and other leading clinical systems. If you would like information about how OptimiseRx can help you, contact:


About Hearst Health International

Hearst Health International includes solutions from FDB (First Databank), Map of Medicine, Zynx Health and MCG in the United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. The mission of the Hearst Health network is to help guide the most important care moments by delivering vital information into the hands of everyone who touches a person’s health journey.


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