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Dr Marcus Baw

I'm a freelance/locum GP with pre-GP experience in Secondary care as an Anaesthetist/Intensivist and Emergency Physician. I am available for hire as a locum GP or A&E middle grade.

I am a Rubyist with experience in Rails and Discourse.

Increasingly I am working in Health IT / Digital Health / Health Informatics. I consult in a wide range of Health Informatics and Health IT areas, ranging from Terminologies, Data Modelling, User interface, Interoperability, through to Agile, BDD and TDD, UX and UI design, and Understanding Doctors.

As a freelancer I have been able to prevent my view of Informatics becoming overly 'organisation- or locality-specific', so I can often see the overview better than those employed by a single organisation with its own viewpoint.