Key themes for 2017

UK e-Health Week 2017 will tackle the challenges and opportunities in healthcare IT, including:

A digital NHS

UK e-Health Week will scrutinise the plans and roadmaps that NHS England and NHS Digital are putting in to place to make the NHS paper free, including:

  • A strong focus on the 12 Global Digital Exemplars - internationally recognised NHS Trusts delivering exceptional care and efficiency through the use of world-class digital technology and information flows
  • Cyber security
  • Interoperability
  • Driving digital maturity
  • The new Digital Delivery Board

Leadership and culture

The Wachter Review identifies CIOs and CCIOs as the key professional group to lead the NHS to a paper free future. UK e-Health week will explore:

  • The new challenges facing healthcare IT leaders
  • Emerging new customer profile and voice
  • How we put the patient at the centre of everything and leave no one behind
  • The new Digital Academy

Global success: learn from the best

UK e-Health Week will look at the countries, regions, cities and hospitals that use IT to transform the way they deliver healthcare. Hear from the people who’ve brought in whole system change, discover what the Global Digital Exemplar sites have planned and debate the future of population health.