Day 1 - 3 May

Unplugged stage

10.20 - 10.35  The consequences of data security breaches and garner erasure solutions

NHS facilities go to great lengths to protect their data from network intrusions, hacking, viruses, and theft. However, many fail to protect against the disastrous consequences of data security breaches from media that they thought was deleted or erased. Various trusts have already been fined by the ICO over the loss of sensitive information and the maximum fine for Data Protection Act breaches is currently £500,000. Garner are the industry leaders in data elimination products that deliver complete, permanent, and verifiable data elimination.  Their products ensure your data is unrecoverable.

Speakers: Richard Kemp, Field Sales Director, AGX Holdings Ltd

10.40 - 10.55   Cultural interoperability
Interoperability projects aim to help partners to work together more productively. You’ve got the technology nailed, but people don’t have API’s. How can you manage the cultural aspects of interoperability programmes?

Speaker: David Laszlo, Director, David Laszlo Partnership

11.00 - 11.15   How monitoring the health of your IT can directly improve the health of your patients.

In this session, we will take a brief look at how PRTG can help save lives by alerting system administrators and network managers to IT related issues before they impact patients. Maintaining uptime in a healthcare scenario is more critical than in most other industries and keeping pace with modern technology is not always easy. Using healthcare-specific protocols and sensors, PRTG can effectively be that vital extra team member IT Managers have always needed.

Speaker: Rupert Collier, Paessler AG

11.20 - 11.35 The patient in control

The latest developments in patient-centred e-health. Bringing the NHS and the app world together to put people more in control of their health and healthcare.

Speaker: Dr Brian Fisher, Evergreen Life

11.40 - 11.55   Going paperless the easy way
A demonstration of how easy it can be to go paperless using a publishing paradigm to avoid the slow cycle of requirements gathering, designing, coding. A mechanism to put control of technology back into the hands of the business and clinical users.

Speakers: Joseph Waller, Director, XML Solutions

12.00 - 12.30   The Journey to a Paperless Hospital: Why Medication Management is the Key.
Did you know that the average hospitalised patient is subjected to at least one medication error per day?

Healthcare is a complex environment. Modern healthcare IT solutions can help reduce errors and improve patient safety. However, for these solutions to really work, they must be simple to use, have exceptional UI/UX, and need to leverage all other modern IT technologies. Medical teams are very agile and constantly on the go, which means that anyone working with a patient needs to be able to access all key information – anytime and anywhere.

Transforming a hospital into a paperless one is a journey. One of the most complex areas to be supported by IT is medication management. If done right, it can have significant impact on overall patient safety. For the last 5 years, we have worked tirelessly with a group of clinicians, nurses, and clinical pharmacists from Slovenia and NHS to develop an innovative and comprehensive medication management system – OPENeP.

OPENeP is simple, powerful, engaging, and streamlines coordination for medical teams, all of which helps them make more informed decisions, thus improving patient safety.
During the talk, I will share how we managed to quickly and effortlessly transition all the wards (including PICU and neonatal ICU) of the biggest children’s hospital in Slovenia to paperless medication management, and how we supported them in their journey to become a paperless hospital.

Speaker: Mr Anze Droljc, Product Manager, Marand

12.35 - 12.50   How whole system real-time data improves patient flow and system resilience

Speaker: Alistair Martin, Director of Business Development, Transforming Systems

12.55 - 13.10  The Importance of Cyber Security Audits

Speaker: Archie Gardner, Business Development Manager, Crossword Cybersecurity 

14.00 - 14.15  Telehealth voice and speech analysis
The talk will introduce and describe some use cases and benefits of using Aculab’s VoiScan telehealth voice and speech analysis system as a tool for researchers, specialist clinicians, and speech & language therapists to receive in depth, vital information on parameters and characteristics of patients’ vocal health.

Speaker: Ian Colville, Product Manager, aculab

14.20 - 14.35   Fast and innovative healthcare intelligence for federations, clusters, CCGs and health boards
Vision’s population-level healthcare management offers fast and innovative healthcare intelligence, presenting healthcare data from all major GP IT systems within a cloud based dashboard. Dr. Jon Behr explains how it enabled Greenwich CCG to effortlessly identify an additional 4,000 patients with long term conditions, reducing health inequalities and increasing life expectancy in the borough.

Speaker: Dr Jon Behr, Chief Medical Officer, Vision - Intelligent Healthcare

14.40 - 14.55  Paperless agenda through patient flow
Stuart Rankin, Founder of Cayder will take you on a light hearted but thought provoking journey suggesting why paper lite is the new paper free. He will cover how over time changing technology has enabled not only companies but also us personally to adapt and change the things we do to meet the increasing demand on us both as workers and consumers alike. He’s definitely not going to discuss products either. 

Speaker: Stuart Rankin, Founder, Cayder

15.00 - 15.15   Matching clinical trials with patients: global EHR based patient recruitment
Slow patient recruitment is the number one reason for clinical trial delays. Reliably identifying suitable patients is key to timely recruitment, as is catching them quickly as they arrive at hospitals. These problems could be solved by using real-time patient data from hospital EHR records. However, such data are spread across multiple hospitals and different EHR systems, and data protection concerns further complicate central aggregation of data from multiple sources. Clinerion’s Patient Recruitment System is an innovative solution that overcomes these issues and establishes a multi-hospital EHR data driven patient recruitment network.

Speaker: Tigran Arzumanov, Head of Sales, Clinerion

15.20 - 15.35   Measurable results: Achieving digital patient communication
Improving patient communications by going digital. Xerox has helped a Global digital exemplar trust to improve their current service and transform to a digital communication service beyond expectations. Whether patients choose regular post or email, they're hearing from the Trust more quickly, reliably, and consistently. Most importantly, the Trust is benefiting from a 20% cost saving.

Speakers: Jonathan Elliott, General Manager of Health and Central Government, Xerox
Ryan Reed, Digital Transformation Director, Xerox Health

15.40 - 15.55   Clinically led digital transformation: how to get it right

Professor Michael Thick, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Clinical Information Officer and Chair of the CCIO Industry Network 

16.00 - 16.15    Data, BI and analytics – the bedrock for New Care Models
A very short description;  Information is the Lifeblood of the NHS however useful data is often siloed,  locked in bespoke systems, unstructured or too difficult or time consuming to leverage We will explore how it is possible  to provide a self-service model for data analytics, giving users the ability to review the data they need in a way they want it.

Speaker: Nigel Cottam, Public Sector Lead, eBECS

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