Day 2 - 4 May

Unplugged stage

10.00 - 10.15  Delivering healthcare innovation in the Cloud

Speaker: John Hodges, Account Director and Logan Sealey, Account Director, UKCloud

10.20 - 10.35   The time is NOW for UK Healthcare Interoperability

Speaker: Robin Breslin, Business Development (UK & Ireland), Forcare

10.40 - 10.55   The Big Interoperability Challenge
The co-ordination of care delivery across multiple settings creates a significant interoperability challenge.  This interactive session will discuss potential solutions and the need for more openness in platform design.

Speaker: Varun Anand, Co-founder, MphRx

11.00 - 11.15   Can’t read - won’t read 
With 20% of the UK functionally Illiterate, reading and comprehending is a huge issue. Employing 1.2 Million staff and catering for a population of 54 million how can the NHS present information in a way that is both understandable and accessible, both to staff and patients alike? Come along to find out how….

Speaker: Jason Gordon, Texthelp

11.20 - 11.35   RCN’s Every Nurse an eNurse initiative

Speakers: Ross Scrivener and Matt Butler, Royal College of Nursing

11.40 - 11.55    Eliminating paper gaps
Hospital Information Systems have consumed many paper-based processes, yet paper still persists in the organisation. At Access, we eliminate these paper gaps which typically manifest as Procedural Consents, MRI Questionnaires, and many back office forms. We convert hard copies web-based forms that can be accessed, completed, and electronically signed on any device. Forms that require approvals can also flow automatically and dynamically from one person to the next for sign-off. Lost forms are eliminated as they are electronically tracked. We provide a single, convenient and highly usable solution that IT professionals can use to eliminate all paper gaps across the entire hospital.

Speaker: Cody Strate, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Access

12.00 - 12.15 Lincor Patient Engagement – Accelerating improvements in the patient experience!
Hear how Lincor's patient engagement technology is driving increased patient satisfaction and contributing to fewer readmissions and improved hospital efficiencies. With over 30 NHS Trusts using Lincor's bedside terminal solution, Lincor will introduce MobileLINC -  a wireless patient engagement offering which has recently been selected by its 1st NHS customer.

Speaker: Canice McKee, UK Sales Manager, Lincor

12.20 - 12.35   The road to paperless working - City Hospitals Sunderland's journey to HIMSS Stage 7
Dr Kevin Joisce (CCIO, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation  Trust) will lead this session. Discussion will include Sunderland's digital journey to reach HIMSS Stage 7, including enhanced interoperability with the larger healthcare community.

Speaker: Kevin Joisce, CCIO, City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

12.40 - 12.55   
PhysioTools Online - the smart way to create exercise programs
Learn how therapists can save time and ensure patient compliance.

Speaker: Gail Milne, Sales and Marketing Director, PhysioTools

13.00 - 13.15  Cybersecurity: understanding vulnerabilities, attacks and mitigating against threats

Speaker: Ross Woolhouse, Fortinet

14.00 - 14.15   Enterprise EPR; it turns out, Implementation is the easy part

The challenges of supporting an effective and efficient EPR support environment

Speaker: Dan Critchley, CEO, Managed Services, Optimum Healthcare IT

14.20 – 14.35 The Seven Secrets of Staff Engagement

Andrew Cockayne, Captive Health
Nick Harvey, Chair of GP Federation South Downs Health and Care

14.40 - 14.55   Realising true transformation through an enterprise imaging strategy

Speaker: Ann McNulty, Director of Product Management, McKesson

15.00 - 15.15  Realising the benefits of Hospital ePrescribing
How analytics can help hospital pharmacists maximise the benefits of investment in ePrescribing systems to support improved patient care, medicines optimisation and safety and hospital pharmacy transformation programmes.

Speakers: Ann Slee and Kenny Fraser, Triscribe

15.20 - 15.35   WhatsApp usage by healthcare professionals: we all know why, some know how, and few know what to do about it.

This presentation will briefly touch on why and how healthcare professionals use WhatsApp in their daily practice. To demonstratewhat to do about it, the history of instant messaging as a category in communication and its impact on our daily activities should be considered to understand the fix. Because it is not only about the proven, open-source and frequently audited end-to-end encryption of the replacement app. Siilo Messenger demonstrates rapid, bottom-up adoption by physicians worldwide within 10 months after its launch in The Netherlands. This talk shares some of these insights.

Speaker: Joost Bruggeman, MD PhD. Founder and CEO, Siilo

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